Drooling In Your Ugly Face

My slave annoys me, so I begin to vocally humiliate him… I make him sit next to me with his mouth open, and I drool in it. Sight at him, sitting there and taking all my saliva, like a good tiny puppy! He has to gulp all that I give him and thank Me for My precious liquid. Of course he won’t be permitted to jizz in the end, he’s too abominable to deserve more from Me.

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When it comes to babes with obscure names, you can be sure that Kim is out there to have you wondering: “What the hell was she thinking when she set up her profile?” You’ll be thinking about this but soon enough you won’t be able to because your mind will wander far away from those thoughts and directly to her fun bags which she likes to shake on her stream as guys have their jaws dropped to the ground when they see them for the first time.Try Humiliation Adult Chat  with a bratty teen from South London who wants every penny from y our bank account.

She really has a nice set of tits and you can expect her to use that potential of hers to her advantage. She isn’t’ afraid to show her tits first when she starts striping as that’s usually what Continue reading Arousr.com Humiliation Chat with a bratty teen cam slut

Belt cock Punishment

My slave is strapped and eventually well-prepped to take My gigantic fuck-stick deep in his gullet… at least, this is what he thinks. When I thrust my spunk-pump inwards his gullet, he can’t take it as he should, disappointing Me yet again. His faux penis sucking abilities are shit! So, he must be punished for not practicing enough, as I promissed him I would. His asking for forgiveness falls on deaf ears, because I have determined it’s time to have some fun!

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Teasing You to Death

In this brief but highly wonderful flick, I bind my slave up and tease him with my ample bosoms, brilliant backside, and everything else! “Can I grope you?” he asks me. “I don’t think so,” I reply. I deny to let him glance at me as I demonstrate off my super hot, brilliant body. He pleads to knead me as I taunt him, but I don’t let him. Instead I continue to tell him just how pathetic and futile he is! With his pinkish cigar firm he’s dying to jizz but he’s tied down so firmly that he can’t even fumble himself. All he needs to do is splatter his scorching explosion everywhere but I won’t let him!

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