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Jizz Count Down – Orgasm control

Dressed in a milky t shirt, crimson thong and thigh high black footwear, I sit on My sub’s face. But first-ever, I torment him and make him endure for Me! I have him lay down plane and linked nip clips to his puffies. That is the only way to earn the aroma of My gash on his face! I jack his weenie,until his he about ready to erupt, but his idiot caboose doesn’t even get to cum until AFTER I count down to the orgasm, hehe do I let My slave spunk after all? Or do I reject him?

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Smacking The Underling

Come here and read this assignment. Take your time, read it carefully! Now, tell me, what do I want you to do?! You’re not able to pay attention at all at work, are you?! You can’t even reminisce what you’ve just read. OK then, it’s time to be punished. Take your trousers off, because I’m gonna smack your culo till you’ve learned the rules, you ditzy employee! Your rump is turning crimson quickly… does it perceive good, you crank?

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Stringent Femdom Uses Human Ash-stand

There are few things to verbally humiliate can do for his Power Whore that will flash her such strenuous devotion as eating her ashes. I sit high and smoke a ciggy, fellating my smoke down into my human ashtray’s face. My mega-slut flashes me such heavy fidelity that he does not gulp my thick pieces of ash until I tell him to. After I’m done liking my cigarette, I slobber in my ashtray’s facehole and put the bum out on his tongue. He thankfully gulps it, anxious to please me.

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