Stringent Femdom Uses Human Ash-stand

There are few things to verbally humiliate can do for his Power Whore that will flash her such strenuous devotion as eating her ashes. I sit high and smoke a ciggy, fellating my smoke down into my human ashtray’s face. My mega-slut flashes me such heavy fidelity that he does not gulp my thick pieces of ash until I tell him to. After I’m done liking my cigarette, I slobber in my ashtray’s facehole and put the bum out on his tongue. He thankfully gulps it, anxious to please me.

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Im into indignity alot, adore financial domination and dedicated piggywallets, stomping, cbt and agony games, sph and hilarious cuckolds, crossdressers and messy sissy slutties, interested in slapping silly asses with my cane, and making you feel like a utter miserable dummy, my intimate belonging. Dont be a boring troll and do your hottest to amuse your chief! – I hope full obedience, respectful behavior, long-term serving and feel of humour

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