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Face Sitting Nipple Torment

I have my slave tied and trussed up on our couch. I’m dressed in a magnificent purple brassiere, with a black underbust harness and black pumps. I determine that I want to be pleasured, so I sit atop my trussed up gimp’s face. I make him beg and ask Me to sit on his face, taunting him with my vagina so close. “No, no, no, first-ever of all, you must kiss my bottom!” When he doesn’t listen, I pinch his nips stiff.

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Tongue Shoe Cleaning

My tall, shining black boots need grinding! As punishment for leaving a slobby mess in my mansion, I instruct my slave how to do it with his tongue. He isn’t working rock hard enough at idolizing my feet, so I slobber in his facehole to make sure his sad little tongue lingers lubed. Faster, tighter, work! I make him deep-throat my shoe high-heeled boots and grind my feet.

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Sole adore with Heel Cleaning

My flawless feet need cleaning, so I make my hoe guy bathe them with his tongue after he grinds my shining, crimson high high-heeled slippers. He works his tiny tongue so hard attempting to satiate me and worship my soles, accurately cleaning between my toes. I make this slave deepthroat my soles as penalty for leaving a mess in my mansion. If he can’t keep my building neat, the very least he can do is keep my killer soles spotless!

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