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Mouth Bang The Lazy

I’ve asked my worthless worker to come into my office. Lately, he’s just wasting my time, doing only shitty work. Today he wasn’t punished enough for his laziness, so it’s time for me to change things up. I make him take off his tee-shirt and get on all fours in front of me. I will give him a lesson that he won’t leave behind. Yes, I will shag his gullet with my belt dick, Ruthlessly. I know he’s never done it before and that he’s funked, but I don’t care. I’m concerned only with what I Want.

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Face-sitting and Orasm Denial

My slave fancies to complete cleaning up the dirt he made in the submerge. As a reward for ending his chores, I drool on his pecker and play with it while he lies on my table. He likes it when I climb onto the table and sit on his face while I play with him. He snuffles my bootie and cooter while I jack his prick. When he’s close to jizzing, I recieve an important phone call and walk away, leaving him to suffer with his stiff shaft.

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Took Too Lengthy!

I am too smashing super-cute to you, dork. I begin this video off wearing a pair of crimson pumps and a stunning, short sundress. I treatment my slave, on the sofa, admiring how fine I sight in this outfit. I join him and start to fondle his lil’ trunk. I embark to jerk off the slave, oiling my arms up really fine. I eventually sit astride his face, and jack off his useless cock, until he is shrieking, but the pitiful dork doesn’t even jizm! Eventually, I increase in size exhausted for jacking his pathetically petite shaft, so I just leave him there with a stiff on.

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