Live with Stringent Domme MadAlice covets a paypig

I love to take care of my humble obeying mortal slaves, in any way that helps them to whip out emotions and sexual intensity) – Acceptance and powerful sympathy, sensuous games, the magic of dance and art… My apartment dork of bizarre and unusual things like robots, ghost chasing games, silicone women and antique creepy ones, tarot cards and magic nutsack…. BEFORE ANY SESSION WARN ME for 1 min if you wanna witness me in a supreme quality camera 😉 BEFORE any FETISH show- sate write me in converse and I will bring exactly what u need If you want to see me in any exclusive costume or lingerie- also WARN me before 3 minutes 🙂

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Feed The Pig- Slobbering Chewed Food into Her Slave’s Facehole!

As her slave lays bare on the floor beneath her, London Mistress Enza takes a seat over him and commences to chew up food. She spits it into his open hatch and he guzzles it like a big baby bird. She continues to drool the filth into his gullet, scolding him when he fails to catch every drop. He tries firmer to catch it, pieces of chewed food landing on his pudgy face. It’s evident by his round bod that this slave loves to slurp, but this isn’t his brilliant way of being fed! It’s disgusting and humiliating for him, but he keeps drinking every drop while Enza delights in his shame. “Do you want to be fed more?” she asks rhetorically since his response means nothing to him. She’s going to slobber more food down his gullet whether he loves it or not. “You pig, you can’t even gobble decently!” she barks when some of the chewed food cascades onto the floor. She kicks him with her high heels, then gets back to spitting her snack in his facehole.

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Cam 2 cam with KIK Mistress Aurora30 craves punish you

Ppl, that share my predilections, abide my expects. Ppl, that don`t have scruples because of their weaknesses. I like heels-lickers, cumeaters, cbt, joi & indignity, SPH.I like to instruct pay-piggies, disregard sessions for pathectic losers & tight/feet/shoes adorers. To power & to order. Come on! – Controll ur milks n useless life, mindfuck, JOI, CEI, mock at ur dicklet, neglecting u like a chunk of furniture, rinse ur wallet and give u the new feel of ur pitiful life.

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Live chat with Lady dom CurlyAmelie covets to verbally humiliate

I enjoy myself ,so anything that includes ME turns me on.I love to watch folks being tortured ,to see them in agony.To manage,tease,seduce.I want to demolish you !! That turns me on. – == Results from bdsmtest-org == 100% Domineering 100% Possessor 100% Masochist 99% Degrader 99% Master/Mistress 98% Primal (Hunter) 97% Rigger 96% Brat tamer 91% Voyeur 84% Exhibitionist 68% Non-monogamist 52% Experimentalist 10% Brat

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Facesitting and Knob Penalty

I walk into My kitchen and discover that My miserable slave has left a filth in my sink, and he has to be disciplined! I plant My perfect bottom on his face and don’t let him sigh, let him to smell My beautiful rump and beaver. I have to instruct this damn fool how to tidy my palace decently! I smack his boner around as he kisses and bathes my ideal bottom with his feeble lil’ tongue.

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