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Live chat with Kinky Mistress YoungCruelty desires a wanker

Im into indignity alot, adore financial domination and dedicated piggywallets, stomping, cbt and agony games, sph and hilarious cuckolds, crossdressers and messy sissy slutties, interested in slapping silly asses with my cane, and making you feel like a utter miserable dummy, my intimate belonging. Dont be a boring troll and do your hottest to amuse your chief! – I hope full obedience, respectful behavior, long-term serving and feel of humour

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Dark chat with Femdom SoGlamourous seeks a slave

The sound of leather tearing throughout flesh as u thank ME for ur punishment…Submissive obedient sissies 2 become my plaything, pet, intimate butler, human A2M, fuck-a-thon slave or looser beau! Money Marionettes & Cash A gimp! Adoree digging deep inside those large wallets till they bleed from my rapping!!Small dicked dummies are welcomed 2 for my amusement :)) Everyone with a fetish ( POUNDS, SOLES, FOOTWEAR, STOCKINGS, SPANDEX ) may also join & so can every kinky pervert as long as they are respectfull 🙂 – Your True Masochistic & Wicked Mistress, Very experienced in sissification, intoxication, taunt & denial, climax control, cuckolding, belt cock trainning, feminisation, SPH, bdsm, wallet masturbating, financial blackmail, SCHLONG BALL TORMENT ( my methods are limitless), spoken abuse ( SOUND ), smothering, trampling, public harassment & degradation! Soles & Gams addicts, High-heeled slippers & Pantyhose to be cruel, hotwife husbands, New-cummer or Accomplished Players, my Dungeon space welcomes you!

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Cam2cam with Findom GoddessKylie covets submissive males

Servant dudes, cash a pay piggy, gimps, financial gimps, fetishists, private wallets, worshippers, loosers, sob babies, lame fellows and, why not,good, intelligent chats. – I love having my every need catered to, being provided with everything that I want. I also love fulfilling all of those obscure and messy fantasies of yours, providing you pleasure thru your ache. I LOVE: FINANCIAL SUPREMACY CASH A SLAVE WALLET RAPING CBT JOI SMOKING SOLE FETISH HUMILIATING PENALTY STOMPING HUMAN ASHTRAYS BEING WORSHIPPED and many more

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Stomping One Slave while Using Another as Her Ash-pot!

Enza is one of the cruelest dominatrixes there is, and she proves it in this distorted movie! “Start crawling,” she demands of one slave, guiding him throughout the apartment by his leash before having him lay on his back. Meantime, another servant gets on all fours bare close by and quietly holds her ciggies while he sees her trample his boy gimp’s naked bod. She leaps up and down on him, kicking him underneath her while he shrieks in anguish, then shortly leaps off to punch him in the side. Climbing back on his pecs, she polishes her heel into his puffies while he sobs out in agony, hoping his torment will end briefly. “Bring me a ciggy!” she requests of her other slave who’s still getting on all fours quietly, and embarks to hammer him when he moves too slow. “Is this how you light a ciggy, you bimbo, useless pig?” she scolds as he trembles in dread. He continues his stance by her side, observing as she proceeds to stomp the other slave, pausing only to use him as her human ash-stand by ashing her cigarette in his hatch. By stomping one slave and using the other as an ashtray, she controls to torment two slaves simultaneously!

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