Ginormous Slave Worships Enza’s Pretty Nude Soles!

When Enza leads this immense slave into her dungeon space by his leash, he knows his role and immediately lays on the floor at her feet. The stone floor is cold on his bare back, but he’s used to it by now and can’t make complaints anyway with her foot packed down his jaws. She aggressively makes him idolize her feet and he salivates away at them, gobbling and sucking them all over in an effort to please his gorgeous Strict Slut. He resumes to thirstily jaws her feet, even munching inbetween her toes while she witnesses in amusement. When she perceives he could do finer, she smacks him across the face and scolds him for his laziness. “You’re completely useless!” she bellows as she hits him, and you can see the fear in his eyes. “I’ll do finer!” he ensures her to avoid another lush of painful blows to the face. He picks up the rhythm, working firmer to please her by idolizing her feet to the greatest of his capability.

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