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Cam2cam with Stellar Mistress xMistressLUXURY craves torture play

I am into -Sissy Dudes, CBT, innocence, PIGS, PETS, permanent MARIONETTES, jizm munching guidelines , domination (everything to do with it), dame dom, financial predominance, humiliation, wank off directions, stockings, puny knob abasement, spanking you, SPH, BLACKMAIL, pantyhose, EJACULATION DENIAL, TEASE and DENIAL, bondage, Masochism, intoxication. – I was born to control and be a Princess. Searching for slave to satisfy me and make me happy online and in real life too. I do not do bare shows.

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1 on 1 with String on Mistress LinaKim craves a weak male

Leather,Latex,Heels,Boots,PVC,Cuckold/Hotwife Role Have fun, SPH,FEMDOM,Discipline,Control,Sissy Tarts, Belt cock Fun,Sexy Garb,Fiancial Domination,Tease and Denial. – Fetish Furry Snatch,Facesitting, Chinese Imperious Miss, Bare BDSM Mistress; Mean, Wicked,Lustful, Naughty; White pearly splatter, Multiple Ejaculations, STRAPONS instructing for sissy bitches and backside ravaging sluts, cockloving cocksluts and sissy cucks with micropenises etc

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Dominatrix Enza Savagely Flogs Her Marionette’s Nude Caboose!

With her nude slave bent over the table, Elite Mistress Enza uses her flagellating dick to supply painful flogs to his naked bottom while he wriggles in pain. She holds nothing back, bashing him with all her might, and it doesn’t take long for purple welts to flash on his flabby booty. Grunts and moans escape him as she proceeds his punishment, lovin’ every second of his evident misery. The London Mistress is evidently disgusted by this large slave and joys in abusing him, continually flagellating him and seeming to feed off his anguish. His sobs of ache encourage her to hammer him tighter and swifter, striking him until his bum is a swollen disaster. Shockingly, her slave doesn’t full a word during the entire caning. He’s so eager to please her, and so afraid of disappointing her that he takes the pain without asking her to stop. You won’t believe your eyes when you observe the harm she causes to his naked bottom! By the time she’s eventually done with him he can’t sit down for almost 2 weeks.

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Queen Enza Violently Punches Her Victim’s Pouch In!

As her round slave stands nude before her, London Mistress Enza slaps him via the face without holding back before making him open up his legs to punch his nut sack in. She delivers a series of fierce blows to his naked crotch with her high stilettos, scolding him when he buckles in anguish. “Get up!” she demands, but he’s so exhausted he can hardly stand. He squeals in pain as she resumes to kick him directly in the nut, savouring in his misery and displaying him no grace. The pain is so torturous he nearly passes out, but this only encourages the twisted Domme to crush him firmer. She doesn’t hold back, striking his ballsack in until he falls to the floor at her soles. His engorged nuts groan in anguish as he kisses her boots, trying to regain his intensity as she towers over him menacingly. He hopes that worshipping her soles will make her forget about his shattered nads, but rapidly learns that his Stringent Domme has a superb memory. She makes him rise to his feet and punches his ballsack in again and again! How much torment can one slave take?

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Feed The Pig- Slobbering Chewed Food into Her Slave’s Facehole!

As her slave lays bare on the floor beneath her, London Mistress Enza takes a seat over him and commences to chew up food. She spits it into his open hatch and he guzzles it like a big baby bird. She continues to drool the filth into his gullet, scolding him when he fails to catch every drop. He tries firmer to catch it, pieces of chewed food landing on his pudgy face. It’s evident by his round bod that this slave loves to slurp, but this isn’t his brilliant way of being fed! It’s disgusting and humiliating for him, but he keeps drinking every drop while Enza delights in his shame. “Do you want to be fed more?” she asks rhetorically since his response means nothing to him. She’s going to slobber more food down his gullet whether he loves it or not. “You pig, you can’t even gobble decently!” she barks when some of the chewed food cascades onto the floor. She kicks him with her high heels, then gets back to spitting her snack in his facehole.

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Torturing Her Slave with Scorching Paraffin wax and Cruel Lashing!

With her nude slave secured to a table, his legs stretch and entirely defenseless, English Mistress Enza circles him with a helluva sneer while holding a candle. His worst fears are realized when she lights it and commences dribbling steaming candle wax all over his naked bod! She scalds his nips before trailing the paraffin wax down his hefty tummy and hovering the candle over his crotch. He does a remarkably supreme job taking the ache, but she’s decided to hear him scream and embarks bashing his skin with her leather flog. His big shakes and the dried paraffin wax flies in all directions as she continues delivering excruciating flogs to his bare bod. He turns down to give her the satisfaction of blubbering out, but that only incites her farther. She grasps the candle again and pours the wax on his little fuckpole and ball sack, but he still won’t break. “I’ll smear the grin off your face!” Enza screams as she whips him all over until his assets is crimson with injuries!

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Stomping One Slave while Using Another as Her Ash-pot!

Enza is one of the cruelest dominatrixes there is, and she proves it in this distorted movie! “Start crawling,” she demands of one slave, guiding him throughout the apartment by his leash before having him lay on his back. Meantime, another servant gets on all fours bare close by and quietly holds her ciggies while he sees her trample his boy gimp’s naked bod. She leaps up and down on him, kicking him underneath her while he shrieks in anguish, then shortly leaps off to punch him in the side. Climbing back on his pecs, she polishes her heel into his puffies while he sobs out in agony, hoping his torment will end briefly. “Bring me a ciggy!” she requests of her other slave who’s still getting on all fours quietly, and embarks to hammer him when he moves too slow. “Is this how you light a ciggy, you bimbo, useless pig?” she scolds as he trembles in dread. He continues his stance by her side, observing as she proceeds to stomp the other slave, pausing only to use him as her human ash-stand by ashing her cigarette in his hatch. By stomping one slave and using the other as an ashtray, she controls to torment two slaves simultaneously!

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