Torturing Her Slave with Scorching Paraffin wax and Cruel Lashing!

With her nude slave secured to a table, his legs stretch and entirely defenseless, English Mistress Enza circles him with a helluva sneer while holding a candle. His worst fears are realized when she lights it and commences dribbling steaming candle wax all over his naked bod! She scalds his nips before trailing the paraffin wax down his hefty tummy and hovering the candle over his crotch. He does a remarkably supreme job taking the ache, but she’s decided to hear him scream and embarks bashing his skin with her leather flog. His big shakes and the dried paraffin wax flies in all directions as she continues delivering excruciating flogs to his bare bod. He turns down to give her the satisfaction of blubbering out, but that only incites her farther. She grasps the candle again and pours the wax on his little fuckpole and ball sack, but he still won’t break. “I’ll smear the grin off your face!” Enza screams as she whips him all over until his assets is crimson with injuries!

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